About us

Our story

We are CARDI, a leading manufacturer of diamond drilling, cutting and sawing solutions for the construction industry.

We have launched our first core drill in 1985 and we have come a long way since then.
Today general contractors, construction workers and professional drilling and cutting companies, like you, can count on CARDI’s wide range of diamond core drills, blade saws, chainsaws and diamond tools.

We know its tough out there on the field.
That’s why each of our power tools is made to ensure top-notch quality and reliability.
All our products are designed and manufactured with passion, expertise and craftsmanship by our team in Italy.

Take a look at our drilling, cutting and sawing range.

We are looking forward to helping you find the right solution for your job and to making it easier, everyday.

Who we are

A family company

  • Founded in 1985
  • Family owned
  • Located near Milan, Italy
  • Started as core drill developer and manufacturer

Our products and offering

  • Diamond drilling equipment as original core business
  • Expansion into diamond drilling, cutting and sawing solutions for the construction industry
  • Focused on quality, reliability and innovativeness

Our markets

  • Requests from 80+ countries in 17-22; Europe and North America as major markets
  • Broad network of authorized dealers and service centers
  • Competing with both big names in the power tools industry and specialized medium-sized companies

Our team and structure

  • Integrated structure: all functions in-house (R&D, Production, Assembly, Sales, Support)
  • Functions led by senior professionals with 20+ year experience in the industry
  • Team of experienced engineers, specialized in design, manufacturing of electromechanical equipment



CARDI offers a wide and innovative product range

CARDI offers a wide and innovative product range


  • 120 different model within the drilling, cutting, sawing domains
  • All products available in both 230V-120V


  • At the technological frontier: continuous R&D investments D with aim to lead with technology
  • Delivering real innovations as DIAMOND PULSE-TECH, FR range, COCCODRILLO35, CARDIFACILE

With focus on quality and safety

With focus on quality and safety


  • Made in Italy, by CARDI: control over quality in each phase
  • Developed to last longer: from the design phase to selected materials internal processes fine-tuned through the years
  • Passing the toughest tests: proprietary tests developed to ensure a higher product life and reliability


  • CARDI TOTAL PROTECTION SYSTEM: synergetic work of electronic and mechanical functions
  • Setting the standards: striving to anticipate and implement improvements