CARDI: drilling, cutting and sawing solutions for the construction industry

Advanced hybrid drilling technology with micro-percussion

A revolutionary technology, featuring tens of thousands
of micro-percussions per minute, enabling for the first time
advanced dry and wet drilling with an unmatched performance

Why choosing CARDI


Made in Italy, by CARDI

  • All our products are designed and manufactured in our plant near Milan, Italy, ensuring control over quality in each phase, from design to assembly

Developed to last longer

  • Each component is designed to last longer, using selected materials and leveraging manufacturing processes fine-tuned in 35 years of company history

Passing the toughest tests

  • Every single product passes the toughest and most comprehensive tests in the industry
  • Proprietary tests were developed and added to simulate the on-load conditions on the field, to ensure a higher product life and reliability


At the technological frontier

  • High and continuous investments in R&D are being made to ensure our products keep being at the forefront of technology, to provide better solutions to the users’ problems

Delivering real innovations

  • COCCODRILLO35: single-phase diamond chainsaw for the construction worker
  • FR range: powerful three-phase water-cooled core drill motors
  • DIAMOND PULSE-TECH: innovative core drills with advanced hybrid technology with micro-percussion, to drill dry and wet with unmatched speed
  • CARDIFACILE: device for quick core-bit unscrewing


CARDI commercial and technical support

  • A dedicated sales support is available to help on any commercial or technical question

Global network of dealers and service centers

  • A worldwide network of authorized dealers is there to provide customer support
  • A global network of authorized service centers is available to provide technical service, with CARDI-trained mechanics handling repairs according to CARDI standards

Fast-track for spare parts

  • CARDI warehouse can ship spare parts globally within 48h



  • A combination of functions, electronic and mechanical, is present in each machine and works in synergy to ensure top-level protection for the operator and the product itself

Setting the standards

  • Safety has always been our utmost priority and we strive to anticipate and implement improvements that increase the safety for the operator, setting the standard for the industry

Drilling, cutting and sawing solutions for the construction industry

We are CARDI, a leading manufacturer of diamond drilling, cutting and sawing solutions for the construction industry.

We have launched our first core drill in 1985 and we have come a long way since then. Today general contractors, construction workers and professional drilling and cutting companies, like you, can count on CARDI’s wide range of diamond core drills, blade saws, chainsaws and diamond tools.

We know its tough out there on the field. That’s why each of our power tools is made to ensure top-notch quality and reliability. All our products are designed and manufactured with passion, expertise and craftsmanship by our team in Italy.

We have been pioneers in technological development throughout the years, launching innovative products as the first single-phase chainsaw, the powerful 3-phase water-cooled core drill motors and innovative electronic and mechanical safety features as the CARDI TOTAL PROTECTION SYSTEM.

Our latest innovation, DIAMOND PULSE-TECH, is an advanced hybrid drilling technology that is revolutionizing the drilling industry. You can now choose between dry and wet drilling and get an unmatched drilling performance, with working time reduced by >40%. Forget about the hassle of water when needed and go where nobody else goes, faster.

Take a look at our drilling, cutting and sawing range.

We are looking forward to helping you find the right solution for your job and to making it easier, everyday.

We provide you with the right solution for your construction work

  • Equipment: hand-held core drills, core drill motors, stands (rigs), core drills, blade saws, chainsaws, rails, equipment accessories
  • Tools: diamond core bits, DIAMOND PULSE-TECH advanced diamond core bits, diamond blades, diamond and hard metal chains, tools accessories
  • Work modes: wet, dry, wet / dry, advanced hybrid – advanced wet / advanced dry
  • Applications: installations (HVAC, networks, anchors, chimneys, guardrails, fences), building consolidations, any round opening, cutting of doors, windows, skylights, any other cutting work, any grooving
  • Professions: plumber, electrician, installer (e.g., HVAC, networks, anchors, chimneys, guardrails, fences), stonemason, landscaper / gardener, company specialized in materials’ testing, construction company / general contractor, professional drilling and cutting company, demolition expert, company specialized in quarrying
  • Materials: reinforced concrete, concrete, stones, asphalt, masonry, bricks