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We engineer our equipment in order to provide you with a high-quality, heavy-duty and durable equipment for the toughest jobs on the construction site. But across the lifetime of your CARDI equipment, you might still need a technical support for repairs and maintenance. This is why we set up a network of authorized service centers you can count on, for a first-rate service, organized to minimize downtimes and get you back on the job as soon as possible.

The network

The network

Find the CARDI authorized service centers closest to you here.

If you need any further help, please contact our team at CARDI or your local dealer.

By choosing a CARDI authorized service center you ensure:

  • your repair is performed by CARDI-trained technicians, gone through extensive training on the equipment and procedures, with genuine CARDI parts
  • your equipment is repaired according to the CARDI-factory standards, which only a CARDI authorized service center can ensure
  • your equipment goes through multiple functional and safety tests, run with CARDI proprietary special equipment; your equipment gets tested as a newly-manufactured product at the CARDI factory
  • your repair under warranty is covered at no charge
  • you are supported by trained technicians, who use their expertise to suggest proactive maintenance to maximize lifetime of your CARDI equipment and who can give you expert advice and professional support

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As soon as your equipment arrives at the authorized service center, we get to work:

  • the technician inspects the equipment and documents and run through multiple functional and safety tests
  • your case gets analyzed to evaluate if the product can be repaired under warranty, without a warranty, or it is more convenient to replace it with a new one
  • if your case is a warranty, there is no charge, otherwise a quotation is prepared, based on costs of genuine components and working time; you will be advised if product substitution could be a more convenient option
  • the technician shares the quotation
  • if you confirm the quotation, the equipment is repaired; usually this comes together with a completed service checklist, outlining the work done on your power tool, in terms of components and working time; there might be a fixed charge if quotation is not accepted
  • your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and required components are lubricated and greased
  • at the end, the technician goes through multiple functional and safety tests, run with CARDI proprietary special equipment, to ensure the standards of a newly-manufactured CARDI product
  • equipment is shipped in ready-to-use conditions, together with the completed service checklist



We stand behind our customers and the quality of our equipment.

If you have trouble with your equipment, you can count on CARDI.

When you purchase CARDI equipment, it automatically comes with a 12-month warranty, so you do have to worry about registering your product.

Our network of authorized service centers will repair or replace, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance, for 12 months from the date of purchase.

To ask for a warranty:

  • you can contact CARDI or an authorized service. See here the authorized service centers closest to you. You can also contact your dealer, who will recommend the authorized service center to refer to
  • return your equipment set to the closest authorized service center, together with a proof of purchase, as invoice / receipt, as it may help in the determination of your equipment age and assessment of warranty
  • as the authorized service center receives your equipment, further information might be asked.   The technician will analyze your case and let you know if it is covered by the warranty policy
  • if it is, the technician will repair or replace, without charge, and return your ready-to-use equipment to you, so you can get back to work.

Genuine spare parts

Genuine spare parts

Our spare parts are developed and manufactured together with your equipment, using the same state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and materials of the highest quality.

They also pass the same functional and safety tests, to ensure tolerances and critical performance features are up to the CARDI standards. Compatibility between spare parts and equipment is assured.

Using genuine CARDI spare parts, you bring your repaired equipment to peak performance, back to as-new condition.

CARDI spare parts continue to be available even after end of production, so that your equipment and you can be operational for many years.

Combining CARDI spare parts with the expertise and standards of our technicians, you can be sure that you will put you back on the job as fast as possible.

To order spare parts, you can contact CARDI, a dealer or an authorized service center. See here the dealers and authorized service centers closest to you.

Repairs and service should be performed by an authorized service center, following the procedures defined by CARDI.

Please refer to your authorized service center to get the repair you need.



You can find your all product documents:

  • in the equipment catalogue here
  • by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the header of the website

Once you selected your model, in the section “Support” of the product page you can find the:

  • catalogue
  • instruction manual
  • technical datasheet
  • declaration of conformity

Only currently-in-catalogue products are available.

Yet, throughout the years, CARDI has made numerous models of drilling, cutting and sawing equipment.

Many of them are out-of-catalogue but still on the field and occasionally need repairs and service.

If you need product documents related to out-of-catalogue models, please contact:

  • our team at
  • your local dealer or authorized service center.  See here the dealers and authorized service centers closest to you.

You need to provide product name and serial number that you can find on the nameplate of the equipment.

If you need the equipment exploded view, you can refer to your authorized service center, providing the product name and serial number that you can find on the nameplate of the equipment.

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