TP 400-FC


This product is the flush-cutting version of the TP 400. The blade is fastened by countersunk screws allowing flush cutting. This product is meant for users who needs to flush cut most of the times: as an alternative the regular TP 400 can be equipped with a flush-cutting accessory. Blades for this machine are regular blades into which countersunk holes are drilled. Those blades are also available from Cardi among accessories.



See leaflets: ENGLISH , ENGLISH for USA.

Technical Specifications

TP 400-FC
Voltage (V) 230 / 50-60Hz 115 / 50-60Hz
Power (W) 3000 2800
Idle speed (R.P.M.) 2530 2690
Load speed (R.P.M.) 1770 1550
Max blade diameter(ø)

400 mm 16''

Max cutting depth
160 mm 6''
Arbor (ø) 1''
Multifunction electronics Soft start, electronic clutch
Weight without blade
11 Kg 24,3 LBS

User and service manuals

Safety and user manual

Technical datasheet, spare parts list and CE declaration