Since we first launched our core drill range in 1985, we have been able to distinguish ourselves for the high quality and reliability of our construction equipment products. We have been pioneers in electric powered core drills, introducing innovative technical solutions, in order to offer our customer a world-class product. The experience in mechanics and electric motors allowed us to successfully expand our range including hand saws and chainsaws powered by environmentally-friendly electric motors.

Every day drilling professionals and construction businesses around the world count on us to carry out their job timely and accurately.


Our company history: timeline

  • 1985: CARDI SANGALLI was founded in Caprino Bergamasco, in the province of Bergamo, one of the most industrialized area of Northern Italy. CARDI stood for “Carotatrici al Diamante”: Diamond core drills.

  • 1985: from the beginning till 1996 CARDI was the only supplier of core drills for Black & Decker Europe;

  • 1985/6: Diamant core drill motor series launched. It was the first 4 speed drill motor on the market;

  • 1987: for the most demanding professionals CARDI developed the first twin motor unit: the most powerful electric product available.

  • 1988: CARDI SANGALLI was renamed CARDI and the familiar CARDI brand started to be placed on the products;

  • 1988: Columbus, first CARDI drill stand line, designed for professionals.

  • 1996: Talpa series launch: it was the most powerful single phase motor on the market: 3000 W. Equipped with a soft start device, could be powered by a household outlet;

  • 1996: CARDI partners: CARDI MOTOREN Handels and CARDI MOTOREN Werksvertretung in Germany ware founded: a service center and a finished products warehouse were opened few months later. The hard work of the German team made the CARDI brand well known in one of the most demanding market in the world.

  • 1999: CARDI moved into a brand-new facility in Pontida, few kilometers from the original workshop. The new facility included a prototype workshop, an external testing area and a product-life simulation lab along with the manufacturing lines.

  • 2000: Talpa 9: With this best seller CARDI delivered a pioneering solution: the new electronic control allowed a 3420 W motor to be powered by an household outlet: it was by far the most powerful unit on the market;

  • 2000: CARDI started sales and service operations in North America supported by the partner company Expert Equipment Company of Houston. This partnership led to a fast expansion in the US market.

  • 1998: CARDI drills were used to restore the Assisi church after a devastating earthquake.

  • 2003: CARDI core drills were chosen to stabilize the site of the damaged Buddhas of Bamiyan, in Afghanistan;

  • 2007: new products added to the product portfolio: the innovative electric concrete hand saw TP 400 launched.

  • 2008: CARDI and Expert Equipment Company exhibited for the first time at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. From this year on, the World of Concrete show has given a unique chance for CARDI to meet customers and distributors form all over the world.

  • 2009: Leonardo drill stand line developed.

  • 2010: First electric concrete chainsaw -COCCODRILLO35- launched at World of Concrete. Indoor concrete cutting has not been a problem anymore!

  • 2010: CARDI developed molding design and manufacturing capabilities in house to shrink time to market and increase quality.

  • 2011: CARDI Motoren first exhibit at the Bebosa trade show in Germany.

  • 2011: ALLIGATORE, chainsaw for masonry, has been added to the chainsaw product family.

  • 2011: COCCODRILLO35 won the Best innovation of the year award at the SIAE show, the largest trade show for construction equipment in Italy.

In the meanwhile, we and our partners created a network of distributors: now we can proudly say that, while you are reading this sentence, customers in one of the 5 continents are operating our products!


Why to choose CARDI?

  • Safety: for us safety is -and has always been- the number one priority. We pioneered new solutions on safety before those solutions became required by regulations and directives: an example is double insulation, ground connection and PRCD (RCD/GFI) on the same product.
    Besides, most of our products are equipped with a combination of mechanical and CARDI multifunction electronic for maximum safety.
  • Service Network: When a new distributor is added to our network, we provide a dedicated training to the service personnel and we provide genuine service equipment to make sure that your CARDI product is serviced according to our standards.
  • Quality: while other companies decided to outsource manufacturing or delocalize production looking for cheap products, we, at CARDI, decided to go for quality! Our R&D center, our prototype workshop, our manufacturing lines and recently also the moulds production are located in the same building:  this means that decisions are taken quickly and problems are solved quickly. This allows us to deliver new products at higher rate than our peers in the industry keeping the best quality.